The European Marketing Confederation has established
an International Day of Marketing on 27th of May
“The evolution of marketing around the world has been an impressive journey, with many changes. Marketers have helped many new organizations to emerge and enabled change in old companies with centuries of history. They have changed societal attitudes and helped people to communicate and find compromises. Today, in the context of digital transformation, we can explore our environment more than ever, analyze consumer and customer needs in real-time, and build relationships, the importance of marketing people is paramount. Let's recognize and appreciate this as we celebrate marketing on 27 May.”
Ralf Strauss
Chairman of the Board of 
European Marketing Confederation
Why 27 May?
27th of May was chosen as the day to celebrate marketing because it was on this day in Chicago in 1931 that a renowned marketing practitioner, and theoretician, known as the “father of modern marketing" Philip Kotler was born. Ph. Kotler has written more than 80 books and has had a huge impact on the development of marketing worldwide.
“We are delighted to have many marketing professionals around the world whose expertise, knowledge, and dedication are driving the entire industry forward. The Board of the European Marketing Confederation has decided to recognize a person of outstanding merit in the field of marketing each year on this day.”
Get actively involved in creating national events and other initiatives on marketing and promoting International Day of Marketing in your communities and on social media!
Alvydė Palaimaitė
Vice-president of European Marketing Confederation, Director of Lithuanian Marketing Association
Let’s celebrate marketing together!
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Get ready for 
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